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Sustainable Business and Zero Waste

When Karen talks about sustainable business practices and zero waste, she speaks from experience. Her social entrepreneurship company, Zoetica, provides consumers with zero-waste alternatives to single use trash and offers consulting on waste elimination. Her craft rum distillery, Montanya Distillers, is a certified B-Corp and meets the highest standards for sustainable business practices. She knows how to get results.



Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Karen is known for breaking the glass ceiling in the world of rum distilling, and she remains committed to growing her business Montanya Distillers with an eye for diversity. She backs up the company’s equal opportunity policy with real hires of qualified minorities and women, and champions women in distilling through networks like the Women of the Vine and Spirits. She is a well-respected speaker on this topic, and is helping to move the needle in the field. Authority Magazine agrees.



American Rum and Craft Distilling

The rum industry has evolved immensely in the time that Karen has owned and operated Montanya Distillers. Rum has gone from being seen as a beachside beverage to a premium spirit. Karen has been at the forefront of that transformation, distilling her high-altitude premium craft rum that has won more than 20 gold and silver medals as well as Best in Class designations, American Rum of the Year in Berlin, and American Craft Distiller of the Year. Karen was the first female recipient of the Bubble Cap Award for Excellence from the American Distilling Institute.